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About Us

Erika Warner, DC

As a resident of our beautiful small town of Remington, I'm excited to be offering chiropractic care to my friends and neighbors. 


I have been in practice since 2010 in Fredericksbug where I was able to grow my skills in diagnosis and treatment of complex disc injury treatment. I worked locally with neurosurgeons, pain management doctors, orthopedists, and primary care doctors to make sure my patients received well rounded care.

With a successful practice in Fredericksburg, and a daughter heading off to school, I had the time and excitement to build a small second practice in our rural community in 2019. 

In 2020, during the pandemic, my practice moved full time to Remington.  I am thrilled to be here serving my community and building new relationships with patients and community members. 

I am passionate about always starting a patient's recovery with conservative non-drug care for all musculo-skeletal conditions.  I regularly treat complex disc and nerve related conditions as well as simple injury patients.  

I am passionate about longer appointment times, so I have the time to get to know your particular condition in detail and you have the time to ask any and all questions.  We always have 1 hour new patient visits and 1/2 hour follow up visits.  

I believe that understanding your body is the first and most important step in healthcare.  In my practice my patients spend a great deal of time learning about what is causing the pain and what they can do about it. We review imaging together and I take the time to answer your questions until you feel comfortable.  

I look forward to meeting you and working together towards better heath. 

Not Just Your Doctor, Invested in Local Agriculture, Community & Family

Well we did the BIG SOMETHING! Over the
Community Business

We're excited to support local business and grow Downtown Remington! We bought the Old Town Hall to restore it and bring a new business (or two) to our small town. 

Who knew I’d grow up and have a green th
Farmer's Market Vendor

As a former city girl, I never knew I'd be growing flowers and participating in a farmer's market! I am a passionate supporter of local produce and #grownnotflown flowers. 

Soooo much fun! _abeehgail96 _stanleyhea
Wife, Mom, & Daughter

Just like you, I do what I do for my family.  Helping to support my family through helping patients in our community is meaningful and rewarding work that I hope sets an example for our daughter. 

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