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New Patient 1st Visit: $120
Regular Office Visit: $50

As always, visit costs can be paid with an HSA or FSA card even if your insurance is not accepted. 

WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY SCHEDULING NEW PATIENTS: Our practice has grown thanks to your referrals. We are focusing on our existing patients' ability to schedule appointments easily and in a timely fashion.

Step 1: Are we a good fit?

You cannot reach our office by phone. 

All communication is through 


You will need to schedule all appointments using our online portal.


***New patients must complete their paperwork online within 24 hours of scheduling their appointment.  Our office allows for 1 hour new patient appointments so that we may spend as much time as possible learning about your condition and goals.  In order to reserve this time we will need your completed paperwork. If you you do not complete your paperwork within 24 hours of scheduling, your appointment will be cancelled and released to other patients.***

If you cannot login to your paperwork, please contact us immediately by email.   

**We cannot accept printed copies, patients cannot fill out paperwork in the office**

Paperwork must be completed on a tablet or desktop, cell phones will not save the information.


If you do not have a computer/tablet, regular internet access, the ability to self-schedule online, or do not have someone to regularly help you, we are probably not a good fit for your needs.

Dr. Warner is available in Remington Mondays thru Thursday from 9am-4pm. 

If you feel you need immediate care please consult your local ER or Urgent Care office, Chiropractic Care is not Emergency Medicine

Step 2: Insurance? Medicare? Self Pay?

Did you check to see if your insurance was covered? If not, CLICK HERE

Are you a Medicare Patient? If you did not review our Medicare FAQ please do before scheduling.


First visit $120 & Regular Visit $50  

Step 3: Schedule Securely Online

New Patients:
1. Schedule "FIRST VISIT"
2. Check Email for link to paperwork
3. Click the link to complete paperwork in your Secure Patient Portal.   
4. Show Up w/ ID & Ins Card, comfortable clothes and any imaging and reports you may have.


Existing Patients:
1. Schedule "Existing Patient Visit" Appointment 
2. Check Email for appointment confirmation.  


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