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How We Treat

Child Physiotherapy
Do you do care plans? 

In a word, no. Care plans based upon a set number of visits spread out over a period of time are often designed to give the doctor financial security rather than the patient good healthcare.  Your condition is unique to your daily life and expectations... lets work on a plan to match it. 

Can you treat my condition? 

If it involves the musculoskeletal system the answer is probably YES! Chiropractors are trained as portal of entry providers which means we are also trained to diagnose conditions that we may not treat.  If that's what we find, I'll get you going with a referral to the right provider as your next step. 

Pelvic X-Ray
Do I need imaging?

Chiropractors often take x-rays as their standard of care.  However, current medical recommendations suggest we should work to eliminate unnecessary exposure to radiation.  Therefore, I will only order imaging if I feel it is necessary to rule out a more complicated condition which could change your course of treatment.  IF you already have imaging -- Bring It! We will review your reports and images together before treatment. 

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