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X-Ray Results

Am I in the right place? Will this work for me? 

Many patients are advised to see a chiropractor from a friend or family member who has had a great experience.  Some are in the chiropractor's office because they are out of options.  Still others just want a quick fix.  All of these types of patients want to know if their condition can be improved by the doctor in front of them.  

After 13 years in practice I know the value of honesty and the honest answer is complicated.  

Nearly all musculoskeletal conditions can be helped to some extent with Chiropractic care.  Many conditions can be controlled and the patient can cautiously return to their previous activities and level of function.  There are TONS of conditions for which chiropractic can offer complete resolutions.  But... much of a patient's progress depends upon the patient's ability to follow recommendations and their willingness to change their day to day ergonomics.  

During our first appointment I will give you honest answers about how chiropractic can help your condition.  If I don't believe you are in the right place, I will refer you to the provider who can treat your condition.  I will also set expectations for how you can expect your treatment to progress and what the normals, abnormals, and warnings signs will be.  I will outline the important aspects of your condition and make sure you understand how Chiropractic care will help and when it wont.   Sometimes the best option is to do a trial of care to see how the patient progresses and then make decisions from that point forward. 


The take home message... you will never stagnate or stall in care... and you will get the best possible care even if that care needs to come from another provider. 

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